German Dative Case (Complete Guide for Beginners A1 – B1)

Dativ Case - Complete Guide

In this article I’ll show you exactly what the German dative case is and when and how to use it. If you’re struggling to understand what it is and what the difference from the accusative case is, this article is for you! What it is a case? There are 4 cases in German: nominative, accusative, … Read more

German Possessive Articles (Table & Tips)

Possessive Articles: Table & Tips

The German possessive articles (or: possessive pronouns, possessive adjectives) can look intimidating at first. But once you realize that they behave exactly like the indefinite article “ein/eine/ein” and the negative articles “kein/keine/kein”, it will all make sense! The first three possessive articles are so close to the indefinite article, we only need to add one … Read more

German Personal Pronouns and Possessive Articles

German Personal Pronouns and Possessive Articles

The German personal pronouns can be confusing when you’re first starting to learn the language. This is the complete table and some tips for personal pronouns and the possessive articles. Nominativ Akkusativ Dativ Possessivartikel ich mich mir mein, meine … du dich dir dein, deine … er/sie/es ihn/sie/es ihm/ihr/ihm sein, seine …ihr, ihre …sein, seine … Read more