N-Deklination (Complete List)

N-Deklination - Complete List

This is full list of the most common German nouns that have to be declined according the N-Deklination. Many of these nouns are people (e.g. professions, nationalities) and animals. Most of them end in certain suffixes (endings) that you can try to memorize. These include “-ent“, “-ist” and most importantly the masculine nouns that end … Read more

The German Präteritum Tense (Complete Guide) [A1-C2]

This article teaches you all you need about the second most important German past tense: the German Präteritum tense. I’ll show you exactly how and when to use it. For spoken German you’ll need it a lot less than you might think. Präteritum tense or Perfekt tense? In your A1 and A2 German language course, … Read more

Passive Voice In German – All tenses and forms

All Gernan Passive Voice Forms

This article provides you with all the German passive forms (Handlungspassiv) – on their own as well as in combination with modal verbs and/or in subclauses. Table of Contents In a previous article I showed you the fundamentals of the passive voice in German grammar. So if you are not sure what the passive is … Read more