Adjektivdeklination with Possessive/Negative Articles

Possessive Article + Adjective

Meine schöne/schönen Bücher? Which one is correct? German learners at all levels get this wrong. What adjective endings do we need to give adjectives after the possessive articles (e.g. mein)? The strong endings, just like with the indefinite articles? Or the weak endings, like with the definite articles? You will not like the answer: It … Read more

Adjektivdeklination: Avoid the 5 most common mistakes! (A2)

Adjektivdeklination - avoid these 5 common mistakes!

In this article I will give you 5 tips (or: rules) to avoid the most common mistakes regarding the adjective endings (Adjektivdeklination). Even if you’re above the A2 level you are quite likely to make some of the these mistakes. Table of Contents: The Adjektivdeklination is one of the most dreaded topics in German grammar. … Read more

Adjektivdeklination – All possible Forms and Endings (+PDF)

One of the most feared topics in German grammar is the Adjektivdeklination. You need to change not only articles, but also adjective endings according to which gender (masculine, femininem neutral) and which case (nominative, accusative, dative, genitive) it is used in. Lastly, it also depends on the number (singular vs. plural). Luckily, all genders are … Read more