Online Courses (Zoom)

Are you looking for an online German course? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Learn German with us and the other participants in a relaxed yet highly productive atmosphere. Our interesting and varied lessons with creative and playful methods are guaranteed not to be boring! Thanks to the small group sizes, the courses offer excellent opportunities to exchange ideas and apply what we have learned directly in our discussions in class and sometimes also in group work.

Maarten Wiersma

I have been teaching languages at universities and language schools for more than 10 years and have set myself the goal of passing on my passion for languages to my students.

interactive & communicative

In our lessons, we place great emphasis on the communicative aspect. With the right mix of practice (speaking, listening, writing, reading) and grammar, you will learn German for real life situations!

ideal groups

The groups consist of wonderful and highly motivated students. Due to the small group sizes, each participant can be active and receive a lot of personal feedback.

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